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Drive to Feed Kids

Bringing agriculture and communities together to feed hungry kids.

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1 in 6 kids in the U.S. are food insecure

Learn more about the need for food in America.

Quick Facts

When did Drive to Feed Kids begin?

Drive to Feed Kids is a program that launched in 2014.

Who supports Drive to Feed Kids?

Drive to Feed Kids is supported by leaders of the animal feed industry and members of the communities in which they serve.

How many meals has Drive to Feed Kids raised?

Through the Drive to Feed Kids program, 21 million meals have been raised for food insecure children in the U.S. {Based on calculation of total dollars DTFK raised/avg. cost of meal}

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Drive to Feed Kids

The answer to child food insecurity and the issues that it creates.

Drive to Feed Kids is dedicated to helping end child hunger in America. This movement began through the collaboration of those in the agriculture industry and the local communities they serve working together to provide meals to food insecure children in their school systems.  Drive to Feed Kids participants hold community events to raise money for their local backpack programs, make financial donations and provide healthy protein sources all in efforts to support the hungry children in their community.

What is the Need?


Drive to Feed Kids Events

Since its launch in 2014, Drive to Feed Kids has assisted agriculture companies and their communities to host several incredible fundraising events. These efforts provide meals to food insecure children in their local area, resulting in thousands of kids receiving food across the entire nation. Select the tab to learn about a few of the many successful DTFK events.

  • Hi-Pro
  • MFA
  • JD Heiskell
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J.D. Heiskell's annual auction night

For the second year in a row, J.D. Heiskell, located in Tulare, California raised $100,000 to support FoodLink Tulare County’s SmartPack program.

The 2nd Annual Drive to Feed Kids event held in August consisted of a dinner, live and silent auctions and entertainment provided by comedian Damian Mason. “The auction is a prominent source of funding to provide hundreds of backpacks to Tulare County schools,” Sarah Weber, Nutra Blend sales representative said.

Approximately 300 guests filled the International Agri-Center Heritage Complex in support of the DTFK event. Prominent guests included J.D. Heiskell owners Scot Hillman, chairman of the board, Pat Hillman, company historian and Chief Operating Officer Rick Bowen.

“The community has been a huge supporter [of the event] and that is awesome to be a part of,” Shay Rambur, general manager of J.D. Heiskell California said.

In Tulare County one in three children are food insecure.

FookLink packs more than 300 bags each week, which provides nourishing meals for children every weekend. The SmartPacks are entirely supported by community donations. Weekly FoodLink provides two breakfasts, two lunches, snacks and produce in every SmartPack for children over the weekends.

“We look forward to growing the program every year and reaching as many kids as possible,” Weber said.

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Missouri Farmers Care – MO State Fair Event – MFA, Inc.

MFA and several missouri organizations teamed up to host a Drive to Feed Kids event at the MO State Fair resulting in over 1.8 million hungry kids fed across the state.

During the 2017 Missouri State Fair, Missouri Farmers Care, Feeding Missouri, Brownfield Ag News, the Missouri State Fair, and Missouri FFA have teamed up with Drive to Feed Kids and MFA, Inc. to combat childhood hunger by hosting an incredible line up of Drive to Feed Kids events. This collaborative partnership raised resources to feed over 1.8 million hungry children across the state.

 Several activities were scheduled to raise awareness and took place during the fair. All contributions were dedicated to Feeding Missouri’s member food banks engaged in addressing childhood food insecurity.
Key events at the Missouri State Fair included a live streamed Sawyer Brown concert, during Missouri Farmers Care Food Drive fairgoers receive discounted admission for canned food donations resulting in over 8,950 pounds of non-perishable food given to local food pantries. More than 350 Missouri FFA members packed over 52,000 child-friendly meals as a part of their Missouri FFA Food Insecurity Service Day. And finally, a check for $165,284 was presented to Feeding Missouri, the association of Missouri’s six regional food banks, for childhood food insecurity programs
Missouri’s rate of childhood food insecurity is among the highest in the nation. Hunger is not an urban or rural issue. In fact, in rural communities throughout the state, as many as 1 in 5 people face food insecurity. Among children, the numbers are even higher. In parts of Missouri, 1 in 3 children face food insecurity on a regular basis.a
“Hunger isn’t an issue that only happens somewhere else,” said Alan Wessler D.V.M, chairman of MFC. “It is a pervasive concern across Missouri’s rural communities. All of us in agriculture are focused on doing our best to produce food. We’re also focused on making our communities the best place they can be. When children face hunger, it presents challenges in coming to school able to learn and thrive. It is time to consider what we can do to help. The good news is that regional food banks, affiliated through Feeding Missouri, have a proven and efficient way to deliver food to those who need it most.”

Feeding America. “MAP THE MEAL GAP 2017 Highlights of Findings for Overall and Child Food Insecurity.” Http://, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, 2017.


DTFK Auction night

Hi-Pro's Annual Feed the Future Event

The Drive to Feed Kids "Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana" raised $84,000 benefiting the Snack Pak 4 Kids Canyon program.

The 4th annual event was held in Spring 2017 and featured authentic Mexican food, Mariachi band, live and silent auctions, live music from the Buster Bledsoe Band, dancing and guest speakers.

Shilo Stanley shared her story of childhood hunger. Growing up, Stanley was very popular, a straight-A student, who excelled in track and softball, was crowned Homecoming queen but no one would have known that she struggled with childhood hunger. From the outside, it appeared that Stanley had it all and she worked very hard to keep it that way. She never told anyone, including her best friend, that when she went home, she had nothing to eat. The only meals she received were at school. Now as an adult, Stanley has brought awareness to many that children whom are hungry, don’t always appear to be. And the importance of supporting a program like Snack Pak 4 Kids Canyon because of the lives impacted from the generosity of those who donate and volunteer.
Snack Pak 4 Kids Canyon is a program operated by the nonprofit organization Canyon Hope Ministries. It provides Snack Paks each weekend of the school year to 1,800 elementary, intermediate, junior and high school students. The Snack Paks consist of fruit juice boxes, pop tarts, cereal, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, animal crackers, fruit bars, beef sticks, ravioli and peanut butter.