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Three Missions, One Movement

Drive to Feed is supported by Nutra Blend, a micro ingredient feed distribution company headquartered in Neosho, Missouri. Nutra Blend is committed to the agriculture industry and the people that agriculture serves. Nutra Blend’s philanthropic efforts center around the Drive to Feed initiative - feeding hungry children, both here in the U.S. and around the world. This effort is also dedicated to educating consumers about modern agriculture and its role in providing a safe, affordable, and sustainable food supply to a growing population.
From this initiative derives three missions, Drive the Message, Drive to Feed Kids and Drive: No Boundaries. Nutra Blend works with its dedicated customers and suppliers to turn these missions into a movement, accomplishing big goals to help feed hungry children today while educating society on the truth of modern agriculture so that children won’t go hungry tomorrow.



Drive the Message was launched through the Chew on This mobile theater tour. 


Drive to Feed Kids was launched.


The Main Course Project was launched.


Drive: No Boundaries was launched.


The Chew on This video series will launch.

A History of Drive to Feed

DTF_About_History1.pngChew on This

In 2013, Nutra Blend created the Chew on This tour. We turned a tractor-trailer into a mobile theater and took it around the country, showing videos to educate consumers about the realities of modern agriculture and to bring awareness that hunger is one of the biggest killers in the world today. Hundreds of thousands visited our mobile theater, each leaving with more knowledge on modern agriculture and its amazing practices to feed a hungry world. 


DTF_About_History2.pngDrive to Feed Kids

In 2014, Nutra Blend launched Drive to Feed Kids, a program where Nutra Blend joined with customers and suppliers to help provide meals to food insecure children in their local communities. Millions of meals have been provided to food insecure kids across the U.S. 



DTF_About_History3.pngThe Main Course Project

In 2016, Drive to Feed Kids introduced a spin-off program called the Main Course Project. Now its participants can not only provide funds for backpack programs, they can also provide food. More importantly, they can provide animal-based protein sources to help support healthy growth and development in food insecure children. 


DTF_About_History4.pngDrive: No Boundaries

Also in 2016, Nutra Blend decided to take Drive to Feed one step further. During an annual Nutra Blend customer event, the Drive: No Boundaries mission was introduced as a fundraising effort to help hungry children across the world, starting with Haiti.
In the first year of the animal agriculture industry, Drive: No Boundaries helped to raise more than $1.4 million for a nonprofit organization, Meds & Food for Kids (MFK), in Haiti. Meds & Food for Kids developed a life-saving nutritional supplement called Medika Mamba. This donation resulted in over 21,000 children’s lives being saved from malnutrition. But Nutra Blend didn’t stop there.a

In 2017, an online auction was introduced and raised over $1 million. These funds went to MFK to double their manufacturing capabilities and expanded their reach to helping children in 12 other third-world countries.b

DTF_About_History5.pngChew on This Video Series

In 2017, Chew on This evolved from a mobile theater to a video campaign series showing quick and entertaining videos that tackle big topics about how our food is produced.
Drive to Feed has grown exponentially through the support and collaboration of agriculture companies and the communities they serve. Through these missions, modern agriculture is reaching society to show where our food comes from. Through these missions, hungry children across the world and right here in the U.S. are receiving the food they desperately need. Together, these three missions have turned into a unified movement with a bright future ahead.


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Did You Know?

Drive the Message

Drive the Message has produced two motion picture films and hosts a reoccurring segment on a national television show. The Chew on This video series is also a part of Drive the Message's efforts to provide more information about modern agriculture. 

Drive to Feed Kids

Drive to Feed Kids has raised funds to provide over 21 million meals for food insecure children across the U.S.

www.nutrablend.net/drive-to-feed-kids {Based on calculation of total dollars DTFK raised ($2.7 million) divided by avg. cost of meal ($.13)}

The Main Course Project

The Main Course Project provides backpack programs across the U.S. with viable sources of animal protein for food insecure children.

Drive: No Boundaries

In just two years, Drive: No Boundaries has raised over $2.5 million for Meds & Food for Kids in Haiti, saving the lives of thousands of children in Haiti and other third-world countries.

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Nutra Blend, LLC. Drive: No Boundaries Auction Raises Enough Funds to Give Meds & Food for Kids the Ability to Save 21,000 Lives. “Nutra Blend News.” 1 June 2016.